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There are two kinds of girls in the community of Thornhill - those who graduated from the prestigious Thornhill Academy and those who did’t

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Check out the cast. Find out who's doing what to who in the community of Thornhill.


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This is the 14th installment of Thornhill Diaries also part one in the Field of Schemes series.


Introduced in Girls in White Parts 1 and 2, the fictional, upscale and snooty community of Thornhill has become the happening place for an exciting new concept in entertainment innovated by Girlfriends Films.
New for 2008, Thornhill Diaries builds on the story devised in the Girls in White series, adds more characters in a highly intricate story line, and shares them across four separate series, each one giving the viewer a different perspective on lesbian life in Thornhill. The series share a large pool of characters including Veronica Snow, Sydni Ellis, Nina Hartley, Courtney,Samantha Ryan, Heather Silk, Keisha, and new for 2008 Faye Valentine, Autum Moon, Flower Tucci and Lena Bittle. Fans will certainly get to know these women intimately as the episodic Thornhill Diaries story-line weaves from one series to the next.
Along with Girls in White, Thornhill Diaries includes three other Girlfriends Films series: Unnatural Daughter, Lesbian PSYCHOtherapists, and Twisted Passions. While each gives its own take on the lesbian soap opera taking place in Thornhill, all of the series are full of seduction, cheating, romance and kinky sex.
“The concept of Thornhill Diaries is something audiences are craving,
with the success of sexy soap opera shows like Sex in the City and L Word, it seems clear that audiences want good writing and great sex at the same time. Girlfriends Films is paving the way for more explicit forms of entertainment that also engage the mind.

Autum in thornhill